en Océanie


1/ I am Katarina, I am a nurse, I don’t know who I am. I am happy. I am catholic. I like spending time with my familly, beeing with the people I love.
2/ Here in Alice Springs ( central Australia), the desert that surrounds us is very special. It attract me. It is a humble place because of the strengh of the nature. I feel privilege because of the aborigenes people that live here. I feel the spirit of this place strongly. Isolation is good and bad at the same time. Aborigenes can be good and bad ( drinking, abusing) at the same time.
3/ I’d like to see less divorce, less families breaking up. We shouldn’t put ourself first ( TV gives us the image that we should be happy all the time). Love isn’t a feeling, it is an action.
4/ At night, when I am in my garden, watering the plants. When I am with my mum. When I pray, sometimes.

1/ I am a very nice person. I am a giver. I love people, I love learning views and interestings things. The best thing that I like is watching someone realising that he is really capable. I like to experience evrything, I am not judgemental. I accept people for who the are and I love beeing free, able to make my owns decisions. I have a passion for arts.
2/ In cooper Pedy ( mining town in the center of australia), The environnement is special ( the desert ), The colours of the landscape, the sky). People are very diverse ( 49 nationalities).
3/ Less Greed will change the world drastly ( for money, for power)
3/ When I am with my family, when I am painting.

1/ I am Jacques, I like all the good things of life ( food, music, familly, friends). I like to experience new things, I am a hard worker.
2/ The east cost of Australia is peacefull and quiet, a good place to raise your kids.
3/ Violence in the name of religion. If christians and muslims stop killing each other, if we change that, we can win the game and have the peace. We should allow the others to believe in what the believe.
4/ Anytime I hear my son’s voice or I see him, it makes me feeling happy.

1/ I am the most relax outgoing. A happy go lucky. I am an aborigene ( not full blood). I am familly oriented and I want you to feel happy on our land.
2/ On the west of Australia, the country, the red durt is special. The salted lakes. In australia, we can have the lifestyle that we like. Friendly people.
3/ Unity of all people around the world. More people who accept other for who they are and not for what they are.
4/ Family

Autralie aborigène

1/ I am an aborigene musician. I am 46. I am a guy in between, a middle man. I am not full black but I cant be white.  
2/ The aborigenes, they are special breed. They are a different society. They work together, operate as a group, not as individuals. I am part of that group. The sad things is that so many aborigenes have been killed during the « settlement » or the « invasion » of Australia.
3/ The attitude of people. Helping each others. less selfisnees in the world. The aborigenes is a protective society., non destructive of the environnement.
For steel and gold, the land lies bare
Dreamers are the only ones who care
4/ many times…
With my music…
When I can be connected with the full blood people and we talk about the land.

1/ I am a person who hate planning things and would rather do them.
2/ In queensland coast, the water is special. But i have never been oversea. Here, we are able to sail on the coast, to jump from a boat. One of the islands is the Nirvana of the aborigenes ( fish, fresh water, fruits…)
3/ I haven’t travelled So from what i hear, I think we should stop killing each others.
4/ With kids. I have 3 sons. When i sail with them. They are now able to sail me to the island. I like watching them. Especially because  had them taken from me. My divorce closed me some doors but opened others.

Australia ( aborigene)

1/ I am a full blood aborigene from Kalkedon tribe. I live in Mont Isa.
2/ I like it here because it is my granny country. She was living here before the whites came. ( Mont Isa is a young mining town). It is a special place that remind me of her.
3/I’d like the aborigenes to recieve some money from the mine. My grandmother new there was cooper here.
4/ When I recieve some money. Also when my wife comes back. I am happy and in peace on my land.

1/ I am me. I can’t say in words who I am. I am an individual who don’t compare himself with anybody else. I am an Hethestic. I like helping people. I am also a workalcoholic ( I can’t stop working, I need to be always busy)
2/ Here in Mont Isa, there is a laid back athmosphere. a stress free environment. People are easy to get on with. The governement has made the aborigenes beeing as they are. ( drunk). There is a slow genocide-suicide of the aborigenes.
3/ Better harmony without beeing agressive to each others. Any war is wrong. We should bannish the genetically modified food ( kill humans).
Men is unhumanity to men.
4/ My present situation. I am just my own person… Was I able to say that when I was living with my wife??

Autralie (Aborigene) 
1/ Kathie, I am indigene. I was born in Darwin ( north of Australia). I like painting, gardening, fishing, bush walking. I have 4 childrens and 4 grandchildrens.
2/ People are special in Darwin, it is multicultural ( food, celebrations). It is a remote area that hasn’t been commercialised. My family is there therefore it is special for me.
3/ Peace in the world. Human right and social justice. Something should be done about the environnement. If the gouvernement wants to respect the native people, he should respect there traditions. The gouverenment should sonsult the native people and get some ideas to know ow to preserve the nature.
4/ On the beach, the sound of the water, the waves…

1/ I am changing who I am. I have been reying to do that for a couple of years. I needed a change, the way I was was wrong. Changing, learning is the point of beeng on earth. I took a new job last year, I am working in a new town, all that is changing me. I embrace the changes since my dad died unexpectely.
2/ Here, in cooper pedy, it is a symbolic place. I am living underground in a cave like half of the population of this mining town.
3/ Understanding and appreciation of each other. and acceptance. People should feel free to have their owns believes and allow others to be free to have their own believes. A positive acceptence of the differences. No war. I avoid saying tolerency ( which means for me » I accept your point of view even if I am sure it is wrong. We should be willing to accept changes.
4/ I don’t remember a joyfull moment. I am a stable person who enjoy life and avoid extreme emotions… But I am happy when I have a discussion with my daugther on the phone.

1/ I am not sure. I am at a crossroad. I don’t really know which road to take. Maybe it is because of age. I could settle down or be a traveller. Any decision I will take, I want to be sure I will like the person I will be. I think that when I was younger, I had the potentiel to be anybody but I didn’t knew it. Now that I know that it was possible. I am afraid that i can’t anymore be anybody. I might have lost the innocence and the feelingof not having limites. Age seems to make us loosing our blind believe that we don’t have limites. A question in my mind: Is it better to be a jack of all trades ( a master of none) or a master of something. The society value the masters but the humanity seems to be better if they were more jack of all trades ( how would you learn if you think you are already a master??)
2/ I was born here in Brisbane ( east of Australia). I have travelled a bit. The more I travel, the more I think that my city is special and I like it. The rain, the smell of nature are special here. Civilized but safe. It is easy to live here, easy to get in contact with people. Australia is an old country but I feel new to it. I am proud to be accepted by this country and part of it.
3/ I am hesitating. Am I ready to change my way of life for it?
Change the gap between rich and poor countries. We have the technologie and we don’t value it. Other countries don’t care about technologie because people don’t have water and food…
So people are disentfranchised from things thst the rest of the world take for granted ( democratie, technologie)
4/ Yesterday night, we were playing music, dancing eating with friends, I was happy.
The feeling of inclusion in my first Fest Noz ( a party in Britanny, west of France), when people brought me in the cercle to help me to learn. A night under the moon, on the see shore, walking and ssing a dolfin following us. It was a perfect harmony with the nature. You can’t make that moment, you just have to be there and enjoy it because it will pass. That moment was beautifull and unique. All I could do was enjoying, an unbidden perfect moment…

1/ I am Lew from Australia.
I collect and restaure old vehicules. I wok full time and have an average income of 47000 australian dollars a year.
2/ Here, there is a lot of room. People are special, we feel free.
3/ peace and harmony. More protection for the cultures, the traditions. ( here, the aborigene are loosing their culture)
4/ a serein spot, on the river, with a cold beer. 
 » You realize when you get older: what did I do with all that lime?? »

1/ John, 58 socialworker ( taking to people to help them solving their problems).
I love playing music, the flute, the harmonica. I like the natural wildlife. I am interested in the history of the place I came from.
2/ The forest. We are called the lucky country. We have so much ressources that we don’t realise what we have.
There should’t be time for bad moods.
3/ I am worried of the environnement. More respect for the nature ressources. tolerency of others.
4/ playing with childrens, the point of living is about learning. No man is an island.


1/Ko Hikurangite Maunga Ko Waiapu te Awa Ko Ngati Porou te Iwi Ko Kahurangi Tibble Toku Ingoa Hikurangi is my Mountain

Waiapu is my River Ngati Porou is my Tribe Kahurangi Tibble is my Name I am 27 years old my spiritual home is in the East coast of the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. I was born and raised in West Auckland, Auckland being the largest city in NZ. I am the Youngest child of three and am visually disabled. Cureently I am studying at the University of Auckland in Sociology and also the Co-President of the Maori Students Association of the Univesity of Auckland.

2/ The peole of this land. We hold traditional knowledge that could help the world byt the mainstream and popular culture of the world dismisss this as just stories and myth where they are actually life leassons on how we should live our lives. We have wonderful land that is able to produve foods and resources of many description. In short it is the centre of the Universe in my eyes

3/ I would like to see more acknowledgement of indigenous knowledge, as a true form of science and basis of learning, this is because well before eropean people came to the pacific we were navigating my the stars and creating more fertile land to plant crops and if this is not science than I don’t know what is. All indigenous people to be proud of their history and realise that we are the future of this world we live in today.

4/ One word my friend Whanau= Family

Family is the most important thing so being in the presence of family is where I feel most happy.

1/ I am an antipodean. I was born in Australia and I live in New Zeland. I am Steven, I am 45, I paint houses and interior decoration. I am the father of 4 kids. I like rugby, fast cars and slow womens.

2/ People in NZ are open, helpfull and Happy. I feel that my country is one of the last watrin hole, and of good peace and well beeing.

3/ I would like to change the financial explotation of nations in the name of religion. I hate people going to a poor country in the name of god and make money on that. Religion is about making money. The god I believe in doesn’t want people to go inside a church, he just want people to be together.

4/ Here, in my house, I have evrything that I ever wanted.

1/ « You not you ». I am a person who tries to take all the barrieres away from himself so that people can find in me a sort of universal human beeing. If I manage to take all the little barrieres away, I reach empathie=the other. When another person allows you to se yourself reflected in him, I make the inner part of myself visible. I know that I am made by parts of many people 5 some I met, some I didn’t made.
My name is peter, I am 58, I have 3 children and 2 stepchildrens. I love sculpture, reading and poetry.

2/ In the west coast of the south island, people live in a special environnement. They feel special because they live here. So they are special.

3/ I would like that we recognize that our time is precious. So we should avoid beeing consumers of material things 5 which is substitute for happiness. We are lucky in this country, we don’t have threath from the others to our border. We still take care of our culture ( mauri and Pakia (europeenne).

4/ here, in my house, in my farm, I feel happy in this paradise since the day I arrived here. I feel that I belong to this land and that this land doesn’t belong to me.

1/ I am a woman, and I love beeing a woman, I am a mother and I love beeing a mother. I also feel openness toward people, without them, I am just a living creature. Other people are very important to my beeing. My name is Frith (means peace in welsh), means also a place of refuge. I am 52, I have 2 boys and 2 step childs. I like reading, gardening, people and music.

2/ The connection with the people. If you are open, the invite you to share with them. Here on the west coast of south island, there are few people, they are not sofisticated. Easy to meet.

3/ That People would treat each other with respect and enjoy their differences. I don’t know how to make this happening.

4/ I can be happy anywhere, where my heart is.

1/ I am a misfit. Someone who doesn’t fit. I didn’t realise that before, but now, I am confortable with it. I am a person who knows that the thing that you can’t see are more reals that the things you can see. I am a person who was taught to be afraid but who has found latter the courage ti live his life without fear. I am Bruce, I am 46, I have 4 kids. I am a Sail manager, I like badminton and the movies.

2/ I live in Auckland. Before, i lived near the lake Taupo, near the volcano, by the river funganui. It is called the heart of the king country (maori king).

3/ I want people to stop hating one at the other just because they are different. And that people would stop turning a blind eye when another human is suffering.

4/ Sitting on the shore of lake Taupo at Twi light.

1/ My name is Kipi, I am 47, I am a native new-selander ( from maori and yugoslave rutes). I like fotografing and computering.
2/ The maoris people are special in new zeland, they have been here for a long time ( since 1280). The geen here is special, grass, cows, sheeps. The proud af the « all blacks » is what maoris and kiwis share.
3/  People becoming more green. Do more for mother earth. Less violence, more tolerance and acceptancy for other cultures. 
4/ My Marai called « ripia », near Darkville ( our spiritual meeting place). That is where my mother, my grand father were born.

1/ I am a spiritual soul that has chosen to connect with a physical body. I believe that the purpose of that is to grow and learn and connect to people, animals and nature on the earth.
2/ This place is special because it is an island on the southern part of the earth. The isolation create very specials people (talented, open to new things). Here it is very green and full of water.  
3/ I ‘d like to see people educated to take responsabilities for themselves and for the planet we live on ( about the see, the air, the people, the land).
4/ I like to camp at the beach. The place I like has white sand and the water look like champagne. It is a bay and dolfins and wales come in. It is called Uratiti beach, at the north of the north island.

1/ I am graeme, 39 years old. dreamer, I have travelled around the world. I hope that I will never wake up to « normal » like, dreaming is so good.
2/ Frienchip of people, unspoil and unique nature.
3/ Doing something about the environnement instead of spending money talking about it. Moving away from oil dependecy. Complete separation between state and religion in every country. Don’t tell other what they should do. wake up from hypocrisie
4/ After beeing away a long time. Coming back home. Beeing in the forest when the sun is shining and the leaves are colourfull.

1/ hi there my name is dave, originally from leicester, england emergrated 1979  with my future wife and kiwi avril to the tauranga area, im a handyman plus horticulture and agriculture contractor, we have 2 kids girl and boy both in there 25+, they are both awesome. i love sport and played many, i would call myself a fence sitter as i like to know both sides of an argument before passing judgement. love kids from the age of 3, as i dont like nappies. lol and seeing things through kids eyes as the world is to them.

1/Salut, Je m’appelle Dave, originaire d’Angleterre; j’habite en Nouvelle Zélande depuis 1979. J’ai deux enfants qui ont environ 25 ans, ils sont magnifiques. J’adore le sport que je pratique. Je me qualifie de « celui qui s’asseoit sur la barrière » car j’aime connaître les différents avis avant d’émettre un jugement.
J’aime les enfants à partir de l’âge de 3 ans car j’ai du mal à supporter les bébés. J’aime voir le monde avec les yeux d’un enfant.

2/Though NZ is a young country. i love NZ for its diversity in such a small area, from volcanic areas like rotorvagas (rotorua) black water rafting, major walking tracks through national parks like routebourne, keppler, to world class beaches major sports events. the NZ people who have many cultures and diversities,
we are truely a land, to be proud of,

2/Bien que la Nouvelle Zélande est un petit pays, j’aime ce pays pour sa diversité. Depuis les zones volcaniques, les rivières; les parcs nationaux; les plages. Les habitants de la Nouvelle Zélande ont de nombreuses et diverses cultures

3/ Well there are some great comments up here, and hopefull i can stamp my little bit on the world. if the world is so great why do we have so many problems. it seems that a lot of people are living a lie. why???? look at peoples debt people spending more than they earn.  want live a life at someone elses expence, even countries.
answer  i dont know. i know one thing. everyone says they know there kids? but do they. think « DO YOU » heres one way to find out if you have kids its great to get them to organise 1 day where you do what they want not what you wnat be the choffuer and drive to where they want to go. from that you might understand, you have to enjoy the family before someone disappiers and you say « i wish i had done…… with them » asking them who is there hero?? is it you  or a poster of a person with no or little value

3/ Je résume : Si le monde est un si bel endroit; pourquoi avons-nous autant de problèmes? Il semble que beaucoup de gens vivent dans le mensonge. Regardent les dettes des gens, leurs dépenses plus importantes que leurs recettes. Nous vivons au dépend des autres, mêmes les pays se comportent ainsi. Je n’ai pas de solution mais j’ai une question: Les gens disent qu’ils connaissent leurs enfants mais est-ce vrai? La meilleure façon de connaître ses enfants est de leur demander d’organiser une journée. De les suivre là où ils veulent aller. De cette façon vous comprendrez qu’il faut profiter de la famille tant qu’elle n’est pas décimée. Demandez à votre enfant qui est son héros? Est ce vous ou l’image d’un poster avec peu de valeur humaine?

4/Special place is in the family home at christmas when the kids were young and they would run around looking for presents. knowing that the if anything was wrong they always seek your advice first. the long hug that could be the last. the special place is inside love and outside love meets

4/Un endroit spécial serait la maison familliale à noël. Quand les enfants étaient jeunes et qu’ils découvraient leurs cadeaux. En sachant que lorsque quelque chose n’allait pas, ils cherchaient toujours votre conseil en premier. Un grand calin qui pourrait être le dernier… L’endroit spécial est l’Amour interne et l’Amour rencontré à l’extérieur…